The Kernel  —  Biere De Saison Sour Cherry

Damson Sour Saison

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The base beer is our mixed culture fermentation saison (our saison maison, if you will). Our mixed culture contains two or three (depending on who is counting) strains of commercial saison yeast, along with various wild and commercial yeast and bacteria (we have isolated brettanomycs strains from our barrels, we have grown up wild yeast collected from local fruit, we have blended in dregs from bottles of mixed fermentation beers that we have enjoyed, and we have added commerically available brettanomyces strains, 3 lactobacillus strains, and also pediococcus). This beer undergoes a long secondary fermentation / conditioning phase as the wild yeast and bacteria start to make themselves felt once the initial fermentation with the saison strains has run its course.
This initially evolves into something fresh, tart, lively, citric. It has a dry dry finish, a spritz of lively carbonation, the distinctive spiciness of the saison yeast, and lemon, touch of grass and herbs, cleansing hint of a sour tang. Wheat helps with these flavours. Gentle German hops play a small supporting role. As the beer ages, the brettanomyces add their layers to formula, more spices and fruits, and leather and horse blanket.

Weight 21.1 kg
ABV 5.5%
Brewery The Kernel
Origin London, UK
Container 20l KeyKeg
Coupler KeyKeg