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Thornbridge  —  Project Serpent

2 Year Bourbon BA Belgian Sour

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Four Roses Bourbon cask matured Belgian (inspired) sour fermented with apple lees from Oliver’s Cider & Perry, aged in barrel for 2 years. In collaboration with Brooklyn Brewery. Serpent is the first beer of its kind, and one of the coolest things either brewery has ever done. We went to Oliver’s Cider in Hereford seeking their lees, the natural wild yeasts that ferment their apples into great traditional ciders. We brewed a robust Belgian-inspired golden ale at Thornbridge, added the lees in barrels, aged the beer for more than a year, and bottle conditioned it. Now Serpent emerges dry, tart, firm, fine and funky, a full expression of our friendship, great British brewing, American Boldness, and Herefordshire countryside.

Weight 6.0 kg
ABV 9.5%
Brewery Thornbridge
Container 6 x 750ml bottles
Collaborators Brooklyn Brewery (US)