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UnBarred  —  Knickerbocker Ice Cream Pale

Strawberry, Raspberry Ice Cream Sundae Pale Ale

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A sundae dessert-inspired pale ale brewed with the team at New Bristol Brewery. Tart, tangy and fruity ice cream pale based on the much loved classic Knickerbocker Glory. Full-bodied, sweet & creamy, crammed full of juicy strawberries, raspberries, cherries and all rounded out with vanilla. With half a tonne of fruit going into our 6.6% Knickerbocker, it’s the most fruit we have added to a beer to date!

Weight 40.5 kg
ABV 6.6%
Brewery UnBarred
Container 30l KegStar
Coupler Sankey S
Best Before 05/10/2022
Keg Style Top Pressure
Colour Pink