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Weird Beard  —  Sorachi Face Plant

Sorachi Ace DIPA

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Batch 8 of Little Things that Kill, our Session IPA was dubbed Sorachi Faceplant. It was hopped with a distinctive combination of Sorachi Ace, Summit and Apollo. It has a slightly savoury citrus edge from the Summit and Apollo, then smacks you in the face with the Sorachi Ace. Our crazy brewers had the idea to do a mashup with this recipe of Little Things That Kill and our strongest IPA Holy Hopping Hell. So here it is. Sorachi Face Plant. If you love Sorachi Ace you’ll love this beer. What are you waiting for?

Weight 21.5 kg
Keg Style Bag
ABV 8.1%
Brewery Weird Beard
Container 20l KeyKeg
Origin Hanwell, London