Wiper & True  —  Table Pale

Pale Ale

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The last release in the series is a collaboration with Five Points Brew Co, we brewed a Table Beer as part of their fifth birthday celebrations earlier this year and both breweries loved it so much we decided to brew it again and release it in cask. To refine the recipe for cask we’ve brought the ABV up from 2.5 to 3.2, softened the carbonation and increased the hopping in the whirlpool. We are also trialling an English yeast strain called Windsor. It’s known to produce some classic British beer esters but also to leave a full bodied beer as it can’t ferment certain sugars, which leaves residual body.

Weight 52 kg
ABV 3.2%
Brewery Wiper & True
Origin Bristol, UK
Finings None (unfined)
Container 9g cask