Pubs – Coverage

We supply beer in cask, keg, bottle, and can to good pubs in our core areas of East Anglia and the East Midlands.

We’re happy to advise on types and ranges of beers, especially newer and rarer styles being produced in the UK. We also have experience and knowledge with beer and food matching and are happy to provide you with a bespoke bottled beer selection matched to your menu if you have a food offering. Feel free to ask us about events too – tutored beer tasting sessions, beer and cheese evenings, special event beer matched dinners, and even beer tasting sessions for staff (including detection of beer flaws).

If you’re a pub, club, or other business interested in expanding the variety of beer you have available then please get in touch via phone or email (see bottom of page).

The core of the area we service is shown by the map below – however this is not a hard boundary and we’re especially willing to go further afield for festivals or larger orders. The dark orange area is delivered to already, the paler area is a little further afield but we’d be interested in setting up routes to cover this.


We are willing to ship non-returnable beer formats across the UK by pallet. This covers the various forms of plastic keg, plus bottles and cans. (Pallet shipments under a “full pallet” will typically attract a shipping and handling fee of around £25 ex-VAT.)

We will not ship cask by pallet, nor steel kegs.