Jolly Yellow Beer Van

Jolly Yellow Beer Van

Craft beer distribution & services based near Cambridge, supplying Cambs, Herts, East Anglia, the East Midlands and beyond with damn good beer produced by our favourite breweries. Our focus is on promoting flavour-forward quality products* from independent producers.

(* We now do ciders and sodas too.)

  • Great beer
    • Weekly stock updates – ever-changing list of great beers from some of the UK’s top craft breweries.
  • …in all formats
    • Cask, keg, bottle, can… good flavourful craft beers can be in any packaging.
  • …kept well
    • All our stock is kept in cold storage. We keep all cask at 9°C – and keg & canned/bottled beer at 4°C – keeping those hop notes zingy and fresh! This ought to be the standard – ensuring beers keep well and taste great when you get them, avoiding disappointing kegs of hop-degraded pale ale & over-carbonation issues… We encourage customers to buy as required, and not stock up and keep beer lying around at 12°C or above. (We believe the ultimate goal for the UK should be US-style cold-chain distribution.)
  • …provided with full technical support
    • All beer fully supported – we know beer, we don’t just move it around.
    • Strong understanding of modern/craft beer market and all technical aspects of keg and cask beer service.
    • Beer delivered direct to your cellar, not lobbed through the door by DHL.
    • We can install free-of-tie keg lines, support existing keg lines, and provide training & equipment for modern keg formats.
    • Fobbing beer? Call us. We know how to fix it.
  • … and we can help with events as well.
    • Beer festivals?
    • Tutored beer tastings?
    • Beer and food pairings?
    • We even have our own mobile craft beer bar.

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