Cloudwater  —  DIPAs v3 2018 + v3.1 (Gyles 434 & 427)

Double-Up DIPA v3 Pack

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DIPA v3.1

This double IPA takes inspiration from our much loved 2016 DIPA v3, whilst reflecting modern tastes and processes. In changes from our original recipe, Flaked Oats were added to the malt bill, bittering hops reduced by 25%, and the dry hop charge increased. A 24 g/L hopgun infusion of new season Citra BBC, backed up by Chinook, Mosaic, and Comet, brings this 2018 iteration in line with our current DIPAs. BB 20/08/18

DIPA v3 2018

In March 2016 we devoted a third of our cellar capacity to a single beer, DIPA v3. We are excited to brew it again as faithfully as we can to the original recipe. Hot side additions see the return of whole cone, new season Chinook and Citra hops, followed by an 8 g/L cold side dry hop, featuring Centennial, Citra, Mosaic, and Comet. It was fermented with WLP095 instead of the original Vermont ale yeast. BB 7/8/18

Weight 11.6 kg
ABV 8.5%
Brewery Cloudwater
Origin Manchester
Container 24 x 440ml cans