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Why choose us?

Craft beer kept properly in coldstore - the ONLY way to keep beer "brewery fresh".
Ambient beer is sad beer. Cold beer is Jolly Good Beer.

We cool? Hell yeah, we be chillin’!

To ensure that all our beers are as close to brewery-fresh as possible we keep ALL stock from our breweries in coldstore. This ought to be the standard – beer kept with respect so it still tastes great when you get it. Avoiding those disappointing hop-degraded oxidised pale ales & over-carbonated kegs. Better quality, less waste, happy customers. (And happy brewers.)

In the pursuit of quality beer: Gotta catch ’em all!

We’re serious about our commitment to ensuring our beer is in good hands, so we’ve trained up with beery qualifications such as the BIIAB/Cask Marque ABCQ and Beer Academy “Advanced Course”, the Cicerone Certified Beer Server as well as the CAMRA/GBBF festival/”cellar” management course. Our industry needs more & better education – and we’re exploring all options.

Lurking in cellars to get beer pouring

All beer we supply is fully supported – we know our product; we don’t just move it around. We deliver from our coldstore directly to cellars; we don’t want the risk of a random delivery service losing the product somewhere warm for a day, or just lobbing beer to be sat in the sun for hours by the back door. From cask cooling to troubleshooting a fobby keg… we want our product served well.

We also geek out with beer tech

Want to get your cellar ready to serve indie keg beer? We know a thing or two about keg dispense – ask away about the best way to get started. We can install free-of-tie keg lines, support existing keg lines, and provide training & equipment for handling modern keg formats. Good keg beer needs as much love & attention as good cask beer.


TLDR: We ❤️ beer
Beer wholesaler to East Anglia and the East Midlands

We really, really like good beer. The stuff that from a sniff, to a small sip, you know you'd enjoy the experience even after your glass has been long emptied. And we appreciate the talent and hard graft that the breweries put in create such beer. Our goal is to get it to excellent pubs as close to brewery-fresh as possible to ensure that the beer that hits your lips is as good as the brewer intended.

This is why we invest in coldstorage - we wish to set the standard for how beer is kept in distribution in the UK. We think it is worth it - because we love and respect this awesome product.

When we first started, it was rather rare to find those beers from those breweries we loved beyond the traditional English bitter styles. What we yearned was variety, consistency, and acceptance that good beer can be found in more than one type of dispense.

It's no cake walk going against the long accepted ways of doing things - kegs and smallpack kept at ambient, kegs outdoors even, cellars warmer than they should be, a fixation on only cheap cask - all leading to disappointing beer. But we're here to fix it: so good beer can be available for everyone and the hard work of brewers gets the respect it deserves.


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