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Delivery Schedule & Map

This is our “live” delivery calendar – it is subject to changes from time to time which are announced via our e-mail mailing list.

The zones are “fuzzy” – where there are borders we may certainly stretch beyond, and where zones meet there is a “grey area”. The schedule is likely to be modified from time to time depending on where the vans need to be.

Orders are always subject to a minimum order value – which will be discussed as part of account registration.

Delivery Calendar

Delivery Zone Map


We do not typically ship out by pallet network – our experience is it’s a really bad way to ship good beer, the standard of care in the pallet network is no better for beer than it is for a pallet of bricks. It also doesn’t provide the sort of customer service level we aspire to and has caused us far too many problems when we have tried using it as a logistics option.