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Wholesale Shop - None (unfined)

An increasing number of breweries choose not to fine cask ales at all. At the forefront of this change was Moor Beer in Somerset (now Bristol), and from being a rarity when they first went all-unfined it has become more and more common – especially amongst newer breweries. In part this is because of a greater awareness of the non-vegetarian-friendly nature of finings. But also there is a strong feeling that finings pull more than just yeast out of beers – Justin at Moor strongly believes flavour is improved by not finings beers. UK cask ale traditionalists who judge many beers with their eyes rather than their palates can have some trouble accepting the often “hazy beer” that results.

Most unfined beers DO need time to settle in cellar, ideally 72 hours. (Some have so little yeast in them it is by the by.) It is a common mistake to think because it is unfined it does not need to settle – thus the rise of phrases like “London Murky” to describe particularly turbid pints of unfined beer.

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