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Wholesale Shop - JGBColdchain

What is “coldchain”? In our case it means we make our best effort to ensure the product is in a chilled environment the entire time it is in our care. We collect the beer from the brewery in chilled transport, we store it chilled, and we deliver it to you in chilled transport. We’re the only UK drinks distributor to give this level of care to the quality of beer and other products.

Unlike many other food products beer is not going to go “bad” from not being chilled, but it does lose quality* over time – and the more warmth it is exposed to the quicker its quality degrades. This is especially true of the popular hoppy beers, be it the punchy mega-dry-hopped ones or even the subtle hop complexity in a dry hopped lager.

* There are a small category of beers that can improve with time, these are few and are not damaged by coldstorage – merely kept in a stasis and the customer can choose how to store or age them..

Note: We can only legally supply to licensed trade (pubs, bars, off-licenses, etc).

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