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Ascension  —  Dance Commander

Still Sour Cherry Cider

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Sour cherries, wild cider and fresh braeburn juice. What’s not to like?! This tangy and fruity beast was blended and packaged without a name. Loved the flavour and the battle between sharpness and fruity sweetness, but just couldn’t think of a name.

That evening we headed to Lewes, to see Electric Six at the Con Club. After thoroughly enjoying the smooth rock n roll, it was decided that the cider had to be named Dance Commander. A pump clip was designed upon my return home, the edits were done the next morning (with a bit of a sore head) and the design was at the printers by noon.

Weight 21.1 kg
ABV 4%
Producer Ascension
Origin Kent
Container 20l BiB
Coupler BIB
Best Before 11/04/2023