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Ascension  —  Per

Still Pear Cider

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When I was working at the National Collection of Cider and Perry in Firle, I asked the owner Rod, what a “pear cider” was. “A nonsensical oxymoron, created by marketeers sat in a boardroom”. Well, that told me.

However, one day I was asked if I wanted a ton or so of pears to press. They were too small for the supermarket so it was me or the bin. I gladly took them up on the offer and, once pressed and added to a wild cider, Per was born.

Far from me merely mis-spelling “Pear” on the pump clips, this cider is dedicated to one of my heroes, Per Lindstrand. His achievements in Hot Air Balloons are so remarkable and inspiring, it was the least I could do to create a cider in his honour.

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Weight 21.1 kg
ABV 4.8%
Producer Ascension
Container 20l BiB
Coupler BIB
Best Before 18/12/2024
Colour Pale