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Ascension  —  Pilot

Sparkling Apple Cider

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Our biggest selling cider is made to Matt’s original style. A blend of wild fermented cider and a big dose of freshly pressed apple juice. That’s it!

Pilot was the first cider we made here at Ascension and remains super popular to this day. We launched Ascension with this cider in Sussex and London to universal applause and we haven’t looked back since.

As we use apples that have been rejected by supermarkets, the varieties that combine to create Pilot change too. The sugars and acids in each apple are dependent upon their variety, their terroir and the conditions that they were grown in. Due to this, the flavours in Pilot change too, but we don’t see this as a negative. We see it as a reflection of the apple and its history.

Weight 11.6 kg
ABV 4.8%
Producer Ascension
Container 24 x 440ml cans
Best Before 01/08/2025
Colour Pale