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Beer Line: Valpar Gen-X 5/16 – 100m

Awesome Beer Line

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Beer line in 5/16 inch size – this is a narrower size than standard in the UK and is good for short runs in direct-draw dispense systems (and it contains less beer per metre of line).

This is Valpar’s Gen-X beer line – which is now known as Q-Guard. This is a high-tech multi-layer tubing that has super low gas permeability and a super-smooth internal surface made of a material that does not absorb flavour. This drastically reduces the formation of biofilms, improves the effectiveness of line-cleaning, and prolongs the life of your lines.

Typically in the UK the beer line available to free trade is plain MDP – this is a low-hygiene high-permeability basic plastic line that simply should’t even be considered suitable for beverage dispense as far as we’re concerned.

That’s why we bought in a pallet of Gen-X – so we can do our own install work at the standard we believe is required for great beer.

Read more about this in our blog post: 10,000 Metres of Beer Pipe

Please note we only stock dispense equipment for our beer wholesale customers – we are not a dispense supply company.

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