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Cheshire Brewhouse  —  Govinda - Chevallier Edition

Heritage Barley British IPA

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  • Champion Beer at the 2018 RMI Analytics Heirloom Malt World Final
  • Great Taste® 2-star award


The heritage IPA, Govinda Chevallier Edition, is a multiple award-winning celebration of strong traditional brewing. Recreated faithfully to an original Burton-Upon-Trent IPA recipe, dating from the early 1800’s. Govinda, pays homage to the highly-hopped pale ales shipped to India to slake the thirst of the English Raj.

Govinda Chevallier edition is built around the beautifully complex heritage barley malt: “Chevallier”. In 2014, Shane, our pioneering head brewer, lead the way by taking one of the first batches of malted Chevallier available anywhere in the world. He spent 5 months meticulously studying the brewing history books to find the right recipe and process before creating the first edition of Govinda. The rest is history, with numerous prestigious awards and champion beer at the 2018 RMI Heirloom Malt World final.


We married the heritage Chevallier malt with East Kent Goldings to create this flavour-packed, high IBU, heritage IPA.

Govinda Chevallier Edition, exhibits a complex mix of malt, stone fruits, with peach and apricot jam and a highly complex bitterness with citrus notes.

This high IBU, heritage IPA is a journey of rediscovery in to the lost flavours from the once popular, now heritage-certified malt: “Chevallier”.

The Chevallier malt is so dominant that it requires a lot of hops (120 IBUs) to balance it, which results in a very long, quite unique finish that keeps on giving.

This is a beer like no other and one you must try before it’s all gone.


Great Taste® Judges said:

“The stone fruit aromas come through well in the nose (described as ‘magnificent’). There is real fruitiness on the palate, as well as sweet, malty depth. A rich, more’ish and well balanced beer with a long finish”

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Weight 7.8 kg
ABV 6.8%
Brewery Cheshire Brewhouse
Origin Cheshire, UK
Container 12 x 500ml bottles