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OHD  —  Fjaera Rosé

Norwegian Rose Gin Aged in Red Wine Barrels

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“Just like that evening we were sitting on the pier and waiting for the barbecue to get hot. To pass the time we discussed what the perfect gin for this moment might be. “What if we aged it in St Emilion red wine casks for a while,” suggested one of us. “And give it some extra fruity flavours from real raspberries,” added another. “We could call it Fjæra Rosé Gin,” concluded the third.”

Aroma: Concentrated aroma of juniper, raspberry, flowers, and red wine.

Taste: Gin with good body and structure. Complexity from junipers and spices. Fruity flavours of berries, raspberries are most prominent. Fresh, tart, and long aftertaste.

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Weight 1.3 kg
ABV 43%
Producer OHD
Container 1 x 700ml bottle
Colour Pink