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OHD  —  Vidda Tørr

Gin With Norwegian Botanicals

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So it was on one of our treks through the mountains; surrounded by Norway’s majestic beauty, we saw herbs, spices, berries and lots of ice.

Thirsty friends on a mountain walk. Chatting about gin. Carrying ice from a frozen lake. Mixing drinks at the cabin. This was the inspiration for Vidda, our interpretation of a traditional London dry gin infused with natural botanical from Norway’s wilderness.

Aroma: Nicely concentrated aroma characterized by juniper, fresh herbs, flowers and spices.

Taste: Gin with a creamy and full-bodied mouthfeel and complex palate of juniper, flowers and herbs such as mint and rosemary.

Weight 1.3 kg
ABV 43%
Producer OHD
Container 1 x 700ml bottle
Colour Clear