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Orbit Brewing  —  Schwarzbier

Franconia Dark Lager

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Despite its dark appearance, a Schwarzbier is remarkably smooth and approachable, making it a favourite among both beer enthusiasts and newcomers.

Schwarzbier translates to “black beer” in German and is a style renowned for its dark, almost black colour and complex flavour profile. Originating in the regions of Thuringia and Saxony in Germany, Schwarzbier dates as far back as the Middle Ages.

One of the defining characteristics of Schwarzbier is the balance of roasted malt sweetness with a clean, crisp finish, which is what you can expect with the latest Orbit Beers White Label Series Special. Expect smooth roasted malts alongside a moderate herbal hop bitterness and flavours of dark chocolate, roasted coffee, and a residual dark caramel sweetness. Dark in colour and light in body; this beer has rich, warming characteristics with deceptively easy drinkability and a refreshing lightness that sets it apart from heavier stouts and porters of a similar appearance.

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Weight 40.5 kg
ABV 4.8%
Brewery Orbit Brewing
Container 30l KegStar
Coupler Sankey-S
Keg Style Top Pressure
Best Before 06/03/2025
Colour Dark