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Queer Brewing  —  Schwester

German Style Pilsner

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Hunny, babe, doll. Sweet, girl, gurl, gworl. Sis? Sister. Auf Deutsch: schwester? Schwester.

Schwester is a delicious, crisp, and refreshing German pils. Premium pilsner malt with just a little Vienna malt provide a base for Saaz, Tettnang, and Perle hops, fermented with Czech lager yeast (ooh, sacrilege!).

We love a lovely pilsner and this is no exception. Ideal for mincing about, wearing gingham, screaming along to girlypop, or hanging with your sis. Nice.

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Weight 40.5 kg
ABV 4.5%
Brewery Queer Brewing
Container 30l KegStar
Coupler Sankey-S
Best Before 19/01/2025
Keg Style Top Pressure
Colour Pale