Rothaus  —  Hefeweizen - Alkoholfrei


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“Rothaus Non-alcoholic Hefeweizen is brewed with wheat malt and brewer’s yeast, which is typical of the variety.

Aside from the light bitter hop flavors of 14 IBU’s, it also has an original gravity of 14.5%. Just like its alcoholic counterpart, a hand-selected top-fermented yeast is used as opposed to one that’s bottom-fermented.

Our Hefeweizen’s refreshing and fruity flavors are retained through the gentle dealcoholization process.

In contrast to our Rothaus Non-alcoholic Tannenzäpfle, our Non-alcoholic Hefeweizen goes unfiltered to the bottling process.”

Weight 18.3 kg
ABV 0%
Brewery Rothaus
Container 20 x 500ml bottles
Best Before 01/01/2021
Colour Pale