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Wild Weather  —  Skadoosh


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“Why follow the crowd??

Why should we be forced, kicking and screaming to drink the same old brown water that our fathers did? We are the new age, we are the revolution, and only we can make the change!!

So shun the handled dimple glass, and reach for your favourite branded tulip. Decant with a wry smile of satisfaction that you are the future and this beer is this is the very epitome of what you embody.

A DIPA is not brewed for the masses, it is brewed for the elite!!

So raise the bar, raise the hops and raise your social status. For this is not just a DIPA, THIS IS SKADOOSH”

Weight 8.6 kg
ABV 11%
Brewery Wild Weather
Origin Silchester, Berkshire
Container 24 x 330ml cans