Yeastie Boys  —  German Farmhouse

Kveik Pale Ale

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The ever-so-slightly ironic German Farmhouse is actually a Norwegian-inspired farmhouse ale using our own house Kveik yeast, cultured and nurtured by our head brewer JK in his Chester Fermentorium. Named for the song by The Go-Betweens and because an Alsatian fit better on the gingerbread house than a Norwegian Elkhound would.

The Kveik yeast brings lime and orange notes to the beer, with very subtle farmhouse characteristics that won’t scare off the less advernturous drinker or overwhelm hops, and it really compliments fruit-forward modern hop varieties (we’re using Kohatu and Mandarina Bavaria and Hallertau Blanc in this one).

Those of you who know JK’s form from his time at Thornbridge, through Buxton, and more recently at Marble, will know that – like us – he’s a big fan of sub-threshold complexity in flavour and drinkability. Beers that can read quite crazy on paper are generally eminently sessionable and this one is certainly along those lines – a farmhouse that isn’t overly farmhousey. Think hoppy pale ale with a deliciously gentle twist in the fermentation.

Weight 31.5 kg
ABV 4.8%
Brewery Yeastie Boys
Origin Leeds, UK
Container 30l KeyKeg
Coupler KeyKeg