Delivery Schedule & Map

This is our “live” delivery calendar – it is subject to changes from time to time which are announced via our e-mail mailing list.

The zones are “fuzzy” – where there are borders we may certainly stretch beyond, and where zones meet there is a “grey area”. The schedule is likely to be modified from time to time depending on where the vans need to be.

Orders are always subject to a minimum order value – which will be discussed as part of account registration.

Pallets? Click here for info at the bottom of page on pallet deliveries.

Delivery Zone Map


From time to time we get enquiries about pallet deliveries – we will assess these on a case-by-case basis. Key to us is that the beer is being treated well – we do not like sending bulk beer to sites without the coldstorage or turnover to handle it and maintain quality. We are also mindful of our good relationships with brewers and others in the craft beer distribution world and aim to “play nice” so will often direct you to ask breweries who your local supplier should be.

We are also only willing to ship non-returnable beer formats across the UK by pallet. This covers the various forms of plastic keg, plus bottles and cans. We will not ship cask by pallet, nor steel kegs (except KegStar). We always book next-day AM delivery – this is the best we can do for the sake of the beer quality. A pallet charge will apply and this will depend on the size of the order – a typical “full pallet” we will ship without additional charge.