Jolly New Year!

Our bar will be popping-up at Rhode Island again for New Year Beer to welcome in 2015. This is a casual non-ticketed event open to all comers. Beer starts pouring at 6pm!

How about welcoming in January 2015  trying a variety of interesting and fun British micro-brewed beers? Across keg and bottle we’ll have at least 20 different things you can try! Do this in support of #tryanuary – a counter-movement to the extremity of #dryjanuary. Rather than abstain and add to the January woes of a great British industry that employs many thousands of people (hop & barley farmers, brewery supplies, breweries, logistics, pubs!) drink in moderation, enjoy new beers, and support our beer industry.


Also – there is going to be HOG ROAST 🙂 plus other foodie goodies, and live music.

The bar will be a simple setup – 6 or 7 beers, perhaps others rotated in, and a selection of bottles. Cash bar. Beer served in your choice of measure. (Plastic pints or curvy twirds…)

Beer Pouches

Beer Pouches

Take-Away NYE Beer? If you want to grab some fun stuff ‘n’ go then we can do that too! We’ll have 3-pint take-home pouches for draught beers (charged for 3 pints, no extra, and the pouches can be rinsed and re-used at your local) as well at the bottle selection for take-out. Have a sneaky pint at the bar while you’re there!

Here’s the tap-list, the green highlighted items should be on the bar to start with (if all goes well – nowt guaranteed!), the others are back-ups that will be rotated in if people are thirsty enough. (Sorry about the scrolly-frames… it’s all I have time to get sorted!)

And here’s the bottle list. Very limited stock for some of these!

See the Rhode Island Facebook page for the event for more info and to say hello!