Job: Sales & Finance Admin Assistant

Hours: Full-Time, some flexibility – typical operating hours span 08:00-18:00 Mon-Fri so any ~7.5 hours within that range. (Part-time applications also considered for 3 or 4 days per week.) Pay: Salary starting at £19,500 – range to £24,500 depending on prior experience Location: Remote / Work-from-Home Jolly Good Beer is a wholesaler of drinks to[…]

Job: Drayperson – Sevenoaks/Kent

Qualifications: Clean License – forklift cert is an advantage Pay: £11.00 – £12.00 p/h – paid monthly Hours: This is a part-time role guaranteeing pay for on average 22.5+ hours of work per week (3/5 time) with additional hours paid at full rate. Initially this would likely be Tues/Weds/Thur with a fairly reliable schedule confirmed at the start of each[…]

Cloudwater in Tesco

To: Jolly Good Beer CustomersFrom: Yvan, reviewed by the JGB team So… you’ve heard the Cloudwater-in-Tesco news, right? This was pretty much as much of a surprise to us as to everyone, though I think we sort of felt something was coming when they started messing around with the core beer range this year. Tesco was a[…]

Open for PROFORMA pallet orders

Website open for PALLET orders: CASK (BBDs mainly short/past, but I guarantee all beer) KEG (this is where all the best stuff is) BOTTLE (yes, we have some Mills, strictly limited) CAN (sorry, it’s quite thin on the ground) SPIRITS  ( ) SODA (square root) The OLD is important… Logins/etc are all the same as before, it’s the[…]

JGB SitRep

This here is my customer status update email content from 2020-04-17… I figured rather than just the static COVID-19 message I’d temporarilly replace the site with a blog-like series of updates, and here thus is the first post. Hello everyone, FarmCat holds fort for COVID-19 I thought I’d send around a status update from mothballed[…]