Meet the Brewer: Pig & Porter at Burwash Manor – May 17th

Pig & Porter LogoOur next meet-the-brewer event will be at Burwash Manor’s “Sizzling Sunday” on March 17th. The “Sizzling Sunday” is a celebration of Burwash Manor Farm’s own delicious Rare Breed Pork. As well as the farm Burwash Manor is home to a collection of interesting shops located on a farm in Barton, just a hop skip and a jump from Cambridge town centre.

We will have three Pig & Porter  (@PigAndPorter) beers on draught, and Cozzi & Boffa (@CozziBoffaWines) will have three in bottle to enjoy on the day or take-away. Not only that but we’ll have Sean Ayling, the Pig & Porter founder-brewer, in attendance to chat about beer and how this relatively-new brewery got up and running. Pig & Porter is an up-and-coming new brewery in the UK scene, which has already made a good impression in craft beer venues across the country – with their first splash into the scene that we noticed being at IndyManBeerCon last year . IMBC is a young yet already prestigious craft beer event where they take their beer selection very seriously.

Keg Badges for BurwashThe three Pig & Porter beers have been chosen with tasty pork products in mind*, although we think Pig & Porter fit the theme of the day quite well in name alone. Additionally we’ll have three other beers on draught that also feature in Cozzi & Boffa’s bottle/can range.

  1. Pig & Porter, Honey Hill Wit – 5.0% – a flavoursome hazy wheat beer loaded up with honey. Perfect complement to a honey glazed ham, or any slab of pig for that matter.
  2. Pig & Porter, Neither Nor – 5.0% – British pale malts fermented with a lager yeast. Quaffing beer, great for washing down a pork feast.
  3. Pig & Porter, Red Spider Rye – 5.5% – a robust rye-driven beer, full of berry fruits and woody spiciness. I reckon you could cure a very tasty bacon with it.
  4. Beavertown, Gamma Ray – 5.4% – A hop-driven American Pale Ale – much loved, Beavertown just can’t brew enough of this stuff!
  5. Hammerton, Pentonville – 5.3% – An unctuous Oyster Stout – yes, with real Colchester oysters in the brew.
  6. Moor, Nor’Hop – 4.1% – Moor’s classic hoppy quaffer featuring the freshest of new-season Northern American hops.

That should be enough to keep most beer lovers happy! However… the bar shall be located just outside the Cozzi & Boffa shop, where they will additionally have a range of beers in bottle and can chilled and ready to drink. As well as their usual shelves full of awesome British craft beers which you can buy and take away to enjoy at home.

See you there!


* Now, if you’re vegetarian then don’t fret – all beers selected except the oyster stout are veggie-friendly, and aside from the Honey Hill vegan-friendly too. That said I’m not sure the overall celebration of rare breed pork will be quite up your alley.