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Coupler: Sankey-D (US)

Coupler With Pushfit Connectors

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This is the US version of a Sankey coupler – it has a shorter spear than the Sankey-S. Most kegs imported from the US will need one of these couplers to connect, you can connect a UK Sankey-S if you try hard enough but you’ll probably end up having a beer-shower in the process. (And if you use a Sankey-D on a Sankey-S keg you’ll simply get no beer out of it.)

Supplied complete with John Guest pushfit fittings for standard 3/8″ beer line, the gas-side pushfit has an integrated non-return-valve so you don’t lose this (everyone loses the rubber duckbill valves eventually). Just make sure the white fitting is always put back on the gas side, and the grey fitting on the beer side.

If you want to connect UK/European kegs you most likely need a Sankey-S coupler with the longer spear.

Please note we only stock dispense equipment for our beer wholesale customers – we are not a dispense supply company.

Weight 0.6 kg